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Do list 2010

Jun is coming to an end… I still got a no of do list tt was listed out that I hope I can fulfill by the end of this year.

  1. Get my class 2 license by the end of this year (Yes, I have been procrastinating for umpteen years, since SSDC had shifted to Woodlands, there is no excuse for me to say it is too far to get it done)
  2. Complete my 21km marathon run (I wanted to sign up the full 42km marathon but before I could all the vacancies are all taken up)
  3. Re-focus and re-align on my work (First half of the yr was both joyous and sorrowful period of my life)
  4. Sign up a course to improve my English (My England sucks šŸ˜¦ )
  5. Take more presentable photos
  6. Eat healthy and exercise regularly
  7. Learn to gracious to those ard me
  8. Read the bible more and journal down my thoughts
  9. Pray more for those ard me
  10. Do 10 – 15 mins reflection to unwind the day
  11. Have ‘Me’ time
  12. Surprise wifey moreĀ  often (I suck at this)
  13. Sleep before 1230am
  14. Encourage and affirm those who are down
  15. Sponsor 1 more kid from World Vision
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