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Back to be a student

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

These 2 days I become a student again… It’s always gd to be student to learn from people who are more qualified, more knowledgable, experience, etc.

One common thing I discovered about these people, they are ordinary people who do the extraordinary. They took the extra step to press on abit further, asked a few more questions, they made more mistakes, yet they never give up trying and trying again and again. They have humble beginnings and are humble.

I learnt so much today from them. There will be more to learn tomorrow.

After all these knowledge, I hope and pray that I will apply one or two lessons into my work and life so that all these will not gone to waste.

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Ultimate exercise buddy

July 26, 2010 1 comment

I have been eyeing on this MP3 player for quite some time but it wasn’t available in S’pore then… it was only recently when I saw it again in and later on in her twitter acc, that ask her whether it is available and she told me… it is… Woohoo. No more dangling wires while running… how cool is that.

The best feature is that the walkman is washable… if you are in a rush, a mere 3mins charge and it can play up to 90mins. Especially, useful for busy Singaporean like us.

It’s retail price is $129 and comes in 5 different colors.

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My journey to be an IFA with God

July 24, 2010 3 comments

When I left my previous job, I knew I want to do something that can fully utilized my strengths. I spoken to several individuals about my strengths and weaknesses. They concluded the followings:

I am a people orientated, servanthood, helpful, resourceful, compassion, eager to learn, hardworking, friendly, etc…

During my exploring stages, I was headhunted by two insurance companies… I think God kind of orchestrated the events. My previous church friend bumped into and spoken to me and found out that I was actually looking for a job. Hence he told me that I should meet his boss and have a casual chit chat session to see if I am suitable for the job.

I went to his office the following week and realized that I was at Prud’s agency office, my friend told me to wait in the conference room and hand me a questionnaire. He told me to fill my answers with the 1st impression that reflect on what suit my reaction or behavior when I encounter a certain situations. It was done with 15mins with 150 questions asked. My friend came in shortly and asked if I had finished it, I hand the questionnaire back. He gave me a cup of water and told me that his boss will see me in 10mins time. I wondered what was the questionnaire all about.

10mins past I was called in to his boss’ room… let’s call him, Mr. F. He congratulated me that I did well for the test and I was very suitable for the job because of my strengths(they were listed earlier). He told me I needed to take note of certain key areas of my life and work if I want to improve myself. He asked me if I was ready to start with the job… I was like HUH??? I haven’t even quit my job and you want me to join you immediately to be a insurance agent.

I told him my concerns and I am involved in the student christian ministry thus certain days I might not be able to work on Sat.

He told me one thing that changed my life. My ministry is not only students. My ministry is my work as well. When I am working my fellow colleagues are also my ministry. Whenever they are stressed at work, I can be there to encourage them. If they are pre-believers, I can be there to witness to them about God. If I work with him, he expected me to give 100% of my time to work and be committed because my work matters to God. I am glorifying God thru my work.

It blew my mind away during that time coz to me work was only a means that I receive income and focus should be my student ministry. I separate my work with ministry. I was a Sat & Sun Christian… the rest of the week, I am merely a worker earning my dough.

I thanked him for his insights and told him I will go back and consider. He strongly encouraged me to rethink and get back to him in a week time.

I went off and thought thru… I told myself if I want to join the financial industry I want to have a whole range of products that I market. I did not wish to be tied down by a single company. I know each company his the best and worst products, I want to be able to recommend those products without being biased.

I called before 1wk was over… I thanked Mr. F for the opportunity and told him I will give his offer amiss. Though I could sense disappointment in his voice but he was very kind to wish me all the best for my future endeavors.

Few months later, I met up with this ex student ministry volunteer, SB whom impacted my life while I was still a student. We had a lengthy conversation and told him my plans of quit my job to do something else. He invited me to have non obligation interview with is partner. Since I am exploring, why not take a chance to understand what is IFA all about.

SB arranged with his partner WK for a casual session face to face interview. When I was there, I realized that WK was also an ex student ministry volunteer that means he understands my ministry and the lvl of commitment I am involved in.

He related me what is IFA all about… almost straightaway my heart resonate my belief about going into a platform that I will have the ability to market variety of product that will suit the needs of my future clients. WK understood that there will be days where I needed to be involved in the annual training camp and laborers retreat. He had no qualm about me taking leave to attend such events. The only thing I need to take note is that I should fulfill my min requirements and reschedule certain trainings. He encouraged me to give my best in ministry involvement, once I am back at work to give my best so that I honor God.

I thanked him for his kind advises and left…

It didn’t took me very long to decide to quit my job and told them I decided not to continue for another yr. Yes, I left the job without any backups… Many of my friends thought that I was crazy. It was so unusual of me to do that. Some of my closer friends told me that I am not suitable to be a financial adviser because they know I work best with system. Going into that industry means I will have to create my own system and with the flexible of time I will probably be ill disciplined. They told me that some of my friends who eventually run away when they know that I am a financial adviser. I assured them that I believed that I will break thru and be a successful one. Nevertheless, they still doubted… I was discouraged that they didn’t lend me their support. The only two person that stood by my decision was my dad and Jac. Dad told me that so long as I am able to feed myself and it is a decent job dun worry about others and just do it. Jac though at that point of time was pretty concern cos I left without a job and she wasn’t sure if God is leading me in that direction. Nevertheless, she gave me her support and pray alongside with me. God eventually convinced her in His own way that He is seeing me through all these.

I called WK that I want to be an Independent Financial Advisor and I had left my job to pursuit it… what is my next steps to acquired my license to be an independent financial adviser. He listed out several requirements like passing my M5, M9, HI & M8 exams in order to market the insurance and investment products. I needed to attend several company trainings so that I will align with the company’s direction, core values and culture.

It took me almost a yr to got my license because that same yr, Jac decided to quit her NTU studies. It wasn’t easy for me because I have no prior training in the financial industry. Alot of the financial jargons I wasn’t familiar with, there were alot of things I needed to memorize and calculations that I required my understandings.

It didn’t help when Jac’s pocket money was reduced too… I was in apartment training and I had to pay for certain maintenance. My savings of 5 figures dripped exponentially… due to exam fees, study materials, living expenses, paying for Jac’s meal when she used up her pocket money.

In between I took up part time jobs and photography assignments to make ends meet… God was tremendously gracious to us… we didn’t have to go without food for a single days. We had 3 meals a day even. Lol. Some days, we even have nice meal(slightly better than food court food) to celebrate our monthly anniversaries… Little that we had, we were still contented.

Months later, my apartment training leader was gracious to me too… somehow he knew that I wasn’t doing very well financially so he offered me to stay at his place free till I was able to have income then return him back the money… It took a load off my financial burdens though I still struggle with my expenses. I was even more determined to obtain my license and start earning to repay his kindness.

Due to the nature of MAS strict requirements, I need to clear at least 75% in order to pass my exams… for several times I was obtaining slightly below 75%… 3 of my 4 papers I didn’t managed cleared one time, hence more $$$ watered down the drain. 😦 Each time, when I was out of the exam room… I would text WK, he never fail to encourage me to press on… When I passed my papers, he would call and congratulate me… This encouraged me to press on to study hard to score.

The day came when I finally passed my last papers, I took the result certificate and called WK to let him know that I got thru my final papers. He was super excited about it… I could sense his excitement over the phone. I think he was much more thrilled than me. I went for a mini celebration with Jac.

I applied for my license the next day and waited eagerly for it… however it will take a few weeks for MAS to approve.

Those few weeks I worked extremely hard to gain product knowledge and acquire necessary skills for my work.

During that period, I was really grateful to those who didn’t quite understand why I chose that route but prayed for me. God for providing again and again my daily necessaries, food, money and His word. Jac for supporting me through those difficult times. In her own quiet ways, she prayed and encouraged me. Friends who threw wet buckets at me, Yes, they are still my friends because I know they dun understand and will not understand what convinced me. I believed God used them to make me stronger and more determine to achieve my goals. I ought to thank them too. πŸ™‚ Hee…

In a few months time, I will be into my 5th yr working in the industry… this calls for a mini celebration… πŸ™‚ Hee.

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The road ahead…

July 23, 2010 4 comments

For the longest time in my life, I had nothing on my hand that needed my immediate attention… For that I stared at my computer for a gd 30mins… my mind went blank. I dunno what I need to do anymore…

After I composed myself, it dwelled unto me that I no longer have the privilege to relate my joyful moments and struggles with my dad anymore… I miss those time that when he is back home and we will chat for 1hr or 2, talking about my life and his life…

I miss my dad…

As I reflect, I knew that my road ahead has no fatherly figure to teach and guide me… I need to walk this journey by myself without my dad… I dislike the feeling. I know God is still by my side… however, it is no easy for me since I am so close to dad.

Mom seems to be relying on me for emotional support… though she did not breath a word about it. I could sense it by her little action. During her off day, she would ask where I will be going… I think she is hinting me to bring her out but I couldn’t coz I have my work. I can’t imagine by the time our flat is ready, how emotionally she will be affected when we moved out…

The road ahead of me is going to be tough with my mom, Jac’s dad & her mom… everyone wants a share of our time.

In time to come, I will have to sacrifice certain things in my life… I was talking to God the other day about my life… where does he wants me to go after all that had happened… what is my next step?

God reminded me that my work matters to him… and ministry is not dependent of what others define or determine it to be.

This year there will many changes that I need to undergo. This yr will probably be my last yr that I will be involved with any nav activities. I would like to move on to my market place ministry and start serving in church, in the areas of mission.

For the past 18yrs of my life… I was so involved in nav ministry… I think I would be taking a break and realign certain things.

Things are getting busier for Β the better… those some part of my life will have to go… I embrace the change and look forward to what have prepare before me…

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Baby eating Watermelon

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

This is so cute… LOL πŸ˜€

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The power of internet

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I was chatting wif a dear bro over MSN earlier with some Mac related stuff when our conversation went into some internet stuff… it’s scary how many things u can find in the net.

You can practically find anything by googling it… If you did something hideous and your name is listed. Likely all your worst nightmare will surfaced to haunt you.

Thankfully, mine was rather clean… haha… you can find mine related to my company and my title.

A point of reflection… I would rather my name written in the book of Life than in Wikipedia.

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