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My encounter with a 18yo gal

I had gd time interacting with a 18yo gal… I had the opportunity to befriend her when she was 15yo during one of the youth camps.

Those the short conversation with her I realised that she had matured since the last time I saw her… I thanked God for her growth. Those she is only 18, she already exhibit maturity which many her age would be still immature & irresponsible. Thru her twitter, I know she struggle much to excel in her studies and projects. She endured sleepless night trying hard to meet the deadline set before her. I applauded her for her willingness to struggle and do her very best as a student.

Personally, I think God gave her a wonderful parents who imparted her with godly and gd values… I praise God for her and her parents.

Being involved with the youth ministry, I had seen many youth grown… some become God fearing adults, while some decide to follow their hearts…

It pains my heart to see the latter. At times, it angered me to see them walk the path that I know God would preferred them not to… I would pray that one day they will return to God and choose to follow him faithfully.

Recently, another young becoming adult teen that I know cause much pain, frustration, saddness, grief to her family… seeing the family going thru these… I felt sad for them. My prayers are for the family… praying that she will turn back and obey them. Turn away from her wayward ways and embrace in the arms of those who truely love her.

As I reflect on my mentors and leaders who many times advised again and again not to have a gf or bf when we are teens… More often than not, we felt that our leaders are trying to prevent / hinder the r/s. They dun understand our position, they dun understand r/s. On the contrary, they know and had already go through that path and want to prevent us from premature hurt and pain… They love us enough to be the bad person to speak against us having r/s during our teens years.

In the end we end up bruised and wounded… esp those fairer gender they usually took longer time to heal because they are more emotional beings.

With our myopic sight we tend to choose our bfs/gfs based on feelings instead of looking at the qualities of person. More so if we choose our bfs/gfs who are pre-believers. They dun understand the things of God. Hence, the r/s is usually based on experiences and feelings than our r/s with Jesus and how we can build our r/s stronger towards God. The former usually head towards trying to please each other… overtimes, when the feeling dies down… their bfs/gfs move on because they got tired and disappointed. While the latter, encourages each other to focus on Jesus… their r/s grow stronger and strengthen on the foundation of God. Even if the r/s fails, they usually end up in a happier note coz they had matured in God and letting the r/s to go might be a better choice. They end up encouraging each other to move on than tearing each other down. I dare to say this because I personally knew of some close friends who parted their ways and become best of friends instead.

I learnt over the yrs that it is always helpful to speak to a old and spiritually matured mentor or leader when we decide to pursuit a particular guy/gal… they are usually are more objective and see the guy/gal in a different perspectives.  They can analyzed and gave wise advise. Furthermore, they will pray alongside for God’s timing and wisdom as you pursuit e guy/gal.

I do see that this way of seeking advises are getting lesser and lesser… and I pray that God will change the hearts of the teens and young adults to approach the matter of heart with caution and wisdom. 🙂

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  1. Wendy Ang
    July 16, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    Wow, Raymond, you can write “solid” stuff. Continue to do that.

    • Raymond
      July 16, 2010 at 11:45 pm

      Thanks for e compliment… 🙂 I enjoy to observe life and reflect upon them… I try to see in all these what is God teaching me… at tt pt of time. Glad tt u enjoy it. 🙂

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