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My boss’ van broken down

What a day today… after praying my respect to my dad. I was supposed to have my lunch after tt. While driving I noticed something was amiss. I heard some weird sounds… the next thing I knew I saw smoke raising from the front of my van. I knew straight that it is going to be dangerous if I continue to drive. I wanted to drive to the nearest carpark but discovered that the brakes was faulty I couldn’t brake… I had to alternative between my engine brake and hand brake…

Finally I parked to the nearest hdb carpark, inform my mechanic and called the tow guy to tow my vehicle over to my mechanic’s workshop. I was really upset over the whole episode, I have a full week ahead and need to be from place to place… How can the van breakdown when I needed it the most…

There came a small voice… “Your van?” I am remembered that God gave me the ability to own it… he gave me money to buy it. Therefore, it’s actually his van. I need not to be overly upset about it. Though I hate the thought about paying for the repairs… I remembered myself that God will provide the money like he always do… whatever wealth that I own on earth, God gave the privilege to use them.

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