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Beating Busyness #1

Today’s bible study chapt 1 – An Easy Yoke?

28“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” – Matt 11:28-30

These verses are unfamiliar verses to me… I heard and read it all the times when people encourage those who are weary and burdened to claim these verses… Seriously, do everyone of us truly understand what the bible talk about this…

We usually focus on v.28 that Jesus will give you rest… and forget about the rest of the following two verses that talk about taking Jesus’ yoke… learn from Jesus… in actual fact, our yokes are still with us… the life struggles, financial burdens, family commitment, BGR, etc just to name a few… we felt overwhelmed by life’s demands… we felt like giving it all up…

Jesus offered us an alternative… a solution. Our yokes don’t automatically disappear, Jesus wants us to focus our attention upon him. The more we look at our burdens, the more we felt that we cannot bear with all these. He wants to draw our attention away from the burdens and instead focus upon him.

In an agriculture system, when the farmer wants to train a young calf walk straight and in the correct pace… he would have a yoke place the older, trained cow with the plow on one side, the young calf will be place on the other side of the plow… Most of the weight will be on the older cow, if the young calf decide to walk faster or slower, it will feel the weight upon its shoulder. Same when it decides to move left or right, it will feel the weight… so after awhile the younger calf learnt that in order not to have all the weight onto its shoulder he will follow the pace of the older cow and it will be able to walk straight.

Same when we come to sharing the yoke with Jesus, when we run faster or slower than Jesus, we will not understand what He has install for us. If we go left and right… we will get distracted and will not go straight to the plan that Jesus has install for us as well… Thus we need to run alongside with Jesus to understand what he has for us… he is gentle and humble in heart to teach to in his distance… then will we find rest in whatever we are doing… we will not be doing things that waste our energy or too slow to miss out what he wants to teach us. Then will we do the right thing that will not consume our energy and find time to rest.

We can still find rest in God in the midst of our busyness… the problem lies when we are weary or burdened do we seek refuge in God.

In one of the exercise, we were suppose to write out our time block that occupy our time.

My weekday is as follows:

Work : 8 -12hrs
Sleep : 6-7hrs
Exercise : 1/2hr
Family : 3hrs
Friends : 1hr
Travel : 2hrs
Self/QT : 2hrs

I need the Self time to keep me sane… coz this is the time, I think, reflect, journal, pray to God, etc. It is my personal time when I can re-organised myself… without this Self time… I think everything will become a mess… I try to have this time on a daily basis so that I can retreat and regain my energy to do the rest of the things… I find this time extremely useful.

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