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In the greens

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This yr isn’t e best time for me to be my annual ICT cos my parents’ plc was having the HDB home improvement project… The whole hse is filled wif dust after all the hacking and reno of the two toilets… Before they were completed… I was called into to fulfill my obligation to the nation. I wanted so much to clean up e hse but I couldn’t… I have to leave e task to Jac to do most of e major cleaning. 😦

For a person like me who is the doer kind… I just couldn’t stand, waiting for things to happen… It is slowly killing my brain and life… I can only pray that this will soon be over so that I can go live a normal life again…

The only incentive I have is that I will complete my cycle by latest 36yo.

In e event of war, though I dragged going back for ICT… I will definitely be e 1st pick up my arms and defend my nation. I want to protect my love ones and others.

God help me thru this remaining days… 🙂

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