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Looking back at 2010…

Looking back at 2010, there alot of Ups and Downs… it had been an extremely eventful year for me. I thanked God for seeing me thru all the Downs… giving me all the Ups to encourage me thru those difficult times.

On 30th Jan, I finally married to a talented, comical, creative, beautiful, etc gf, Jac. She has bring me alot joyful times, sometimes upsetting moments. Nevertheless, I am thankful that we had tied our knots. Many of our friends, relatives witnessed our wedding vows happened in a church context. Dad was smiling the brightest that day 🙂

On 8th Feb – 24th Feb, we went for our honeymoon after our 2nd wedding dinner. We were in Hokkaido for the 1st time… I saw snow falling from the sky for the very 1st time. Celebrated our 1st valentine’s time & CNY in Otaru, a romantic town filled with old warehouses along a beautiful canal in Hokkaido. We skied for the 1st time in the snow. Saw iceberg in Abashiri, the northeast coast of Hokkaido.

On 21st Mar, Jac & I stayed in Ritz Carlton coz we got this 1 night free stay thru a talk… the experience was wonderful. Overseeing the beautiful skyline of the biz district… We had a great time off work and shared our inspirations.

On 23rd – 28th Apr, I went to China for the 1st time… it was an eye opener for me… China was more advance then I tot it was… the only thing was most of the devices are in chinese which take a while to get used to. Food was cheap and nice… Had my massage done traditional chinese way… it was extremely painful as compared to those in Thailand but extremely  gd coz I felt my stressed muscles due to the work in S’pore loosen… my blood circulation was better. I dun mind going back for another painful torture… hahaha

31st May was the darkest day of my life. my closest friend, most talented man, best dad left us after battling in the hospital for more than 1mth. It broke my heart the most seeing my dad leaving us before we could create more wonderful memories together… there were some many things that I wanted to learn from him… his cooking skill, wisdom in handling things and so much more… Till today, I still think he is ard though he is no longer there… but I know he is already in a good place in heaven. God has already taken him in His arms… I look forward in meeting him one day in heaven.

In mid Jun, we started our kick boxing session… It was interesting yet embarrassing moment for me coz I was the only man in the entire class… O.o After 9wks, the other sessions we wanted didn’t fit our busy schedule… we hope to join KB again next yr.

On 29th – 30th Jul, I attended my 1st AFA congress. I learnt alot of stuff from the industry veterans… my mindset changed… I was motivated by all the speakers and trainers. In order for me to fly, I need to mingle with the eagles… I was encouraged that beside working hard and earning money… they serve the less fortunate either by giving or going to these countries to build homes, educate and train the poor for life skill that enable to earn money for themselves.

On 7th – 10th Aug, the AG went overseas together for our 1st time… we were at Melaka… ate alot of gd penarakan food, chicken rice ball, dim sum… It was challenging to have little children and adults driving up… the trip was filled with fun and laughters… the children din want to go back on the last day… some of the adults dun want to face the reality of work… hahaha.

5th Sep, I ran in support of the Yellow Ribbon Run… 10km after 10yrs of not running for such distance… I was an enjoyable run… accompanied with my sister and brother in law… Oh I ran in the rain for the 1st time. 😛

On 17th Oct, I ran for 15km with an army fren… I was rather painful run for me as I wasn’t really fully prepared… I was walking when I hit the beach area… Nevertheless, I completed the run… and is determine to go for one next yr 2011 to improve my timing.

20th Oct – 2nd Nov, I was having my reservist… one of those reservist that I found myself having the least sleep… coz of timing of duties… I felt my life got wasted inside the camp… thankfully, the OC was awesome… we got to go home early on certain days… I got to know an army fren better during the reservist than I was when I was during my active NS days.

On 9th – 15th Nov, we went overseas as a family (namely Jac, my sister, BIL & mom) to Taiwan, Taipei… It was my 1st time overseas with my family… my mom took the plane for the 1st time… the entire trip was an experience… I overcome my fear of eating smelly beancurd… and I overcome it… Wahaha… I will only eat those which are nice… coz the taste wasn’t as stinky as I tot… while those that are lousy are smelly and tasteless. Yucks!!! Drank alot of milk stuff there… my fav is the papaya milk… the one u found in Amoy street has the standard… 🙂 Went to hot spring for the 1st time. We witness the giant flower expo… 4 huge parks having the exhibition, we only managed to cover 3 parks… 😦 Had a best steamboat buffet … the food was neatly placed and the selection was awesome… I dun mind going back to Taiwan again… this time rd with Jac coz it is easier to travel with just two person. Oh yeah… i celebrated my nephew’s bday on 7th Nov with him for the 1st time 🙂

4th – 9th Dec, we were involved with Navcamp… one of the most enjoyable camp as a laborer… though I was sick and could run my 21km standchart run… Next yr I will conquer the 42km run. Coming back to navcamp… I had a wonderful time involving myself in food dept… I guess maybe cos this will be my last time involving in navcamp as I wanted to take a break to concentrate in my work and explore my involvement in church next yr.

15th Dec, Love Droplets finally have a shop of its own… Woohoo… how cool is that… I will post an entry of the journey another time as its reno is not complete yet.

This kind of sums up my journey in 2010… this yr I ran in and out of hospital the most… mainly coz of my dad… the later half of the yr… quite a no of my frens were in hospital as well… it was a difficult time to see pple whom are closed to you sick… Everytime when I am there… I will be praying for them and asking God to keep them healthy and give them speedy recovery.

I had many 1st time in 2010… God is really gd to me… I look forward to 2011 with much excitement… and I pray that I will continue to see his sovereign hands in my journey with Him…

Happy 2011 New Year to all!!! God bless!!!

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  1. circepalace
    January 4, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Happy New Yr to u too! Keep in touch.

    • raytbk
      January 9, 2012 at 11:37 pm

      Yupz. same to you!!!

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