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A reflection of the past 3 mths

April 6, 2011 Leave a comment

The past 3 mths went off like a blink of an eye…

Jac opened her 1st shop as Love Droplets. my beloved 2nd uncle passed away, I fell really illness till my world almost come to an end.

As I reflect all the things that happened for the past 3mths… I can only give thanks that God saw me thru…

It was an exciting time when Love Droplets open its 1st shop… or rather had a home for all the customers to visit and get inspiration for the wedding.

My world almost crumpled down when I found out that my 2nd uncle suddenly walked his last journey… he was one of the closest uncles among my dad’s side. He was a quiet man whom I respect… in his own way he showed care and concern for me… I remembered when I was young he is always there to give me a pat when I am crying or sad. His departure left me lost… there will never be a time that I can call him anymore… a man I totally respect besides my dad.

I was down with a sever food poisoning that I thought the world was coming to an end. The toilet bowl was my companion for the last 36hrs… I puked and puked till I was so weak that I could only crawl back to bed to rest.

The 11th Mar massive earthquake that stuck Japan… many lives were lost… till date they are still trying to savage nuclear power plant from the radiation and meltdown…

Work wise many things had changed… I am getting more and more involvement with my branch. I am stepping up to foster team bonding and my personal production to another level. I will be helping to grow the existing team by looking out for potential candidates so that they can enjoy this rewarding career.

On a personal side, I am working harder so that I can paid off the $200k housing loan that I will be taking up most likely at the end of the yr. I pray and hope that I will earn enough money to clear the debt within 6-7 yrs. If possible 5yrs so that I can focus on my own retirement.

During this period, I also find myself having problems with self management as I consistently struggle to have time to do my own things like reading, going for a trip for climbing some mountains, taking up a new hobby, etc…

Even going to church become so irregular as I am just too tired by the time it comes to sunday… I want to go back to church to be nourish again. I miss going to worship and listening to sermon.

9 more mths before 2011 comes to an end… Jia you Raymond!

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