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Looking back at my 2011 resolutions

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

It is the end of the year where I am taking a slow down to reflect on the things that I set myself to do… I am glad that I had achieved some where there are rooms of improvement for some.


  1. Read at least 10 books about Management – (Manage to read 2)
  2. Journal & Reflect my thoughts per week – (Pen down almost bi weekly)
  3. Be thankful for things whether good or bad – (Most of the time)
  4. Go for at least 1 mountain climb trip – (Nope, suppose to go but pull out last min coz of bad timing)
  5. Sponsor 1 more kid at the end of the yr – (Sponsored 3!!!)


  1. Spend 30mins every morning on devotion – (Some days my morning was on a rush, so I did it at night. By and large quite ok)
  2. Pray before I sleep using ACTS – (Prayed but hardly do using ACTS)
  3. Complete reading the bible using ESV – (Failed)
  4. Keep a record of prayed answered by God – (Here and there recorded them)
  5. Share the gospel to 5 individuals – (Done 2)


  1. Run thrice a week, 5km – (2 times in the last quarter)
  2. Train for my 21km, 42km run – (Didn’t really train hard for it but manage to complete both 21km & 42km)
  3. Eat in moderation – (I still love hunting for yummy food) (Started doing that the last quarter coz of 42km)
  4. Reduce my weight to 75kg (85kg now!?!?!) – (Down to 82kg, got way more, More, MORE  room for improvement)
  5. Sleep before 12am – (Failed miserably)


  1. Serve 50 more families – (Served 20 families)
  2. Obtain another professional qualifications – (AFP, CFP, etc) – (Not yet)
  3. Have 5 COF – (Have 1)
  4. Write Will for 25 individuals – (Written 5, quite a no pending)
  5. Help newer advisers to achieve their targets – (Encouraged a few)
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