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Start before it is too late…

The longer I am in the financial industry, the more I see my peers and my own clients their health start to show signs of aging. chronic illness started to creep into their lives.

Today, I met up with a couple who are younger than me one already went through a heart bypass and the other had cancer. They had all these before they are 30. My heart aches to know that at such young age they are experiencing illness which normally hit those who are in their late 50s and 60s. The age get younger these days. I will be helping them to seek  if there is any chance the insurance companies will accept them with some exclusion. My heart was tremendously heavy for them as I know the cost of medical treatment in Singapore is costly unless you do not mind going to a lower class ward where alot of pple are fighting to be on the waiting list to be treated.

Even before I reached home just now I received an email from an insurance company who had outright rejected my client application. As I read the reason for rejection, I felt so saddened because she only discovered it one month before meeting me. If she had met me 3 months ago instead of delaying the appointment I would have gotten her into medical insurance. She is only 45.

After seeing so many of these similar cases, I am convinced that my mission is to help as many pple possible to get them into a medical plan so that they will not be deprived from high quality medical treatment if they need them in the future.

Those many may reject my kind offer to help review their existing medical plans. I know my mission is not to force them but to educate them to do something about it.

It is always good to start a proper medical plan while you are still young & health than start when it is too late. Even though you have the money but you don’t have the health be underwritten anymore.

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