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I still miss him

July 16, 2013 5 comments

After 3 years, I still miss my dad badly. I guess I never really recover from the loss. I still miss him dearly. I went thru a state of depression but no one really know about cos I had to hide my feelings and remain strong. There were just so much I have to handle since dad left. I din really time to grief and heal. The reality of life just sets in.

His departure impacted me greatly. I lost everything. I lost the sense of drive, motivation & perseverance. I no longer have the urge to fight for anything. I lost the meaning to live. I could not bring myself to work or do anything. All my achievements no longer matters anymore. I had always wanted to share my accomplishments with him. Even over a cup of coffee or tea meant a world to me. So long as I can share with him and let him be proud of me.

My world changed.

Deep down I was hurt. The pain was so deep that it couldn’t heal. I was trying to hide my hurt & pain.

I live everyday as it comes. I was living life as a empty shell, my heart was cold. Nothing really matters to me anymore.

Till one day, a dear fren came along inspire, encourage & motivate me but now I’m back into my previous state. Haiz…

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