About the author

The author is christian who went through tough times while he was a teenager. He didn’t have many close friends when he was younger.

Jesus found him when he was 14 and 1/2 yrs old. He decided to give his life to Jesus on 17th July 1992 at around 10ish at night. Till date he never regretted giving his life to Him. He couldn’t find an excuse why he should not believe Jesus after experiencing so many blessings from the Almighty. Now he has numerous close friends who he shares his life with.

He had a wonderful and great dad who sees him many of his ups and downs. He misses his dad dearly… wished he had more time with his dad to create more good memories. He knows that his dad is the best father, God had given him.

He married almost perfect wife, Jac… who many times sharpen his role as a friend, husband, leader, etc. He is still discovering this creative and loving wife.

When he is free which is hardly, he would love to go ard places to take pics. These days, he is happy taking random pics with his iPhone. Most of the time is the food he ate. 🙂 He is a food lover too… which explain his physical size 😛

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